Coleção ASM0301 - Orange Bowl Committee Records

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Orange Bowl Committee Records



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Conceived in 1932 by the original Orange Bowl Committee, the Orange Bowl was created as a popular tourism attraction for the New Year's Festival in Miami that would create national publicity and bring more businesses and money to South Florida. This venture proved successful as the Orange Bowl celebration grew in both size and popularity, becoming a national extravaganza with their lavish parades, annual football games, and beauty pageants, all in an effort to create the "world's greatest half-time spectacle."

The first football game ever put on by the committee was in 1932 between the University of Miami Hurricanes and Manhattan College from New York City in what was then called the Festival of Palms Bowl. In 1935, the festival was renamed as the Orange Bowl and started featuring college football teams to participate based on their national rankings rather than offering a guaranteed position, and it was recognized by the NCAA as the first "official" Orange Bowl. The Orange Bowl stadium was created in 1937 to accommodate the game as well as the Miami Dolphins home games and several Super Bowls up until it was demolished in 2008, but it gained a prolific reputation as a local attraction during its lifespan in south Florida.

The collection contains documents, financial and administrative files, scrapbooks, photographs, ephemera, pamphlets, clippings, audiovisual material, and 3D objects pertaining to the Orange Bowl Committee and their archives.

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The collection has been divided into ten key series (Central Administrative Files, Organizational History and Overviews, Events, Photographs, Audiovisual Material, 3D Objects and Ephemera, Graphic Material, Printed Material, Music, and Scrapbooks and Newspaper Clippings).

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This collection is open for use.

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This collection is currently being kept off-campus and can be accessed with notification in advance via e-mail at or by calling us at 305-284-3247. Some materials have been separated from the collection due to preservation concerns.

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Selected materials from this collection have been digitized.

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University of Miami Archives Orange Bowl Collection

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This collection was initially processed by Emily Gibson (Visiting Archivist), 2015, then Yvette Yurubi (Archives Assistant), 2018-2019 with the assistance of student employees, Giulia Torrico, Sean Driscoll, Nazir Crump, Ryan Machuga, and Patrick Lacey.

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