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Eduardo Avilés Ramírez Collection


  • 1926-1985 (Creación)


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Eduardo Áviles Ramírez was born in Juigalpa, Nicaragua, and enjoyed a distinguished career as a journalist, poet, and scholar for more than sixty years. Áviles Ramírez arrived in Cuba as a young man and wrote articles for many newspapers and magazines. He acquired a wide following among Cubans, who came to regard him as a native of Havana. Áviles Ramírez ultimately joined the renowned circles of Cuban journalists and intellectuals. Through his endeavors in the field of poetry, Áviles Ramírez is included in the anthology of Cuban poetry.

In 1922, Áviles Ramírez undertook his final trip to Nicaragua, where he met Ruben Darío, a prominent literary figure. In 1925, Áviles Ramírez arrived in Paris for the first time. He remained there until the outbreak of World War II. Much of his literary work pertains to Paris and its residents. In 1940, Áviles Ramírez was detained and situated outside of the city. Hispanic American diplomats formed a literary discourse, and Áviles Ramírez seized this opportunity to pay tribute to Ruben Darío.

Eduardo Áviles Ramírez traveled around the world, and reported personal experiences on journeys to places such as Constantinople. Áviles Ramírez also wrote about prominent individuals and literary writers. He published a few books and also formed a collection of letters and photographs he had received from different parts of the world. He wrote for newspapers such as Diario de Yucatán, El Universal, El País, and Diario de la Marina. He wrote for magazines such as Bohemia, Gráfos, Puerto Rico Ilustrado, and Revista Cubana.

Eduardo Áviles Ramírez became ill, but his conviction to write did not subside. Despite his infirmity and physical disability to correspond, he would dictate articles to his daughter Yolanda, and she would have them published. Mr. Áviles Ramírez’s last article was published in 1989. He died on June 28, 1989 in Paris.

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The Eduardo Áviles Ramírez Collection consists of newspaper and magazine articles which pertain to his personal experiences with various cultures and with the lifestyles of many prominent individuals, such as Francis de Miomandre and Ruben Darío.

Articles date from the early 1920s to the late 1980s. The bulk of the collection consists of periodicals and clippings written for Latin American publications in Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.

The collection also contains numerous articles written about Ruben Darío, a notable Nicaraguan literary figure, for newspapers such as Información, Diario de la Marina, and El Universal. Many articles relating to Spain also appear in Latin American publications such as Puerto Rico Ilustrado and Diario de Yucatán. The collection also includes a substantial number of articles illustrated by Ricardo Marin, a famous Cuban illustrator. Marin illustrated articles for publications such as Información and Diario de la Marina from 1938 to 1940.

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The Eduardo Áviles Ramírez Collection is organized into six series.

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Gift of Yolanda Aviles, 1990.  Correspondence transferred from the Gastón Baquero Papers, October 2006.

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