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Floor Statement

Senator Martinez's on the housing crisis's impact on the economic situation in the state of Florida and the possible solutions (i.e. FHA modernization, regulatory reform, more liquidity) for the crisis.

Floor Statement

Sen. Martinez cautions against the loosening of the terms of the economic embargo on Cuba as he says the recent changes made by the Cuban government were done just for show and that the Cuban government has openly fraternized with governments with...

Floor Speech

Sen. Martinez states his issues with the proposed stimulus plan and states that it should have including things such as military reset, the nation's infrastructure, tax cut geared to job creation, house buying credit for all homebuyers, not j...

Senate Floor Statement

Sen. Martinez brings up his proposals for changes to energy policy. Among other things, Martinez suggests a summer holiday on the 18 cent/gallon, 24 cent/gallon diesel gas tax in order to assist consumers. Also to consider the termination of "...

Floor Statement

Sen. Martinez gives a floor statement about the Columbia Trade Agreement and its benefits for the United States and Columbia as well as the Western Hemisphere, including economic and well as security benefits.

Senate Floor Statement

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R, AK) explains her opposition to Conference Report for the American Recovery Reinvestment Act including the scope of the spending, the energy provisions and the leaving out of domestic production of gas and other natural reso...

CNN Republican Debate

Day one of Des Moines register debates in Iowa between possible Republican candidates for president, December 12, 2007, hosted by Carolyn Washburn. Candidates are the Ambassador Alan Keys, Congressman Duncan Hunter, Congressman Ron Paul, Senator J...

Floor Statement (US and Cuba)

Sen. Martinez makes a statement in response to the removal from the Farm Bill of an amendment about the US's foreign policy with Cuba. Sen. Martinez discusses the relationship between the US and Cuba as well as the political situation in Cuba...

CNBC Interview

Runtime 1:10 pm - 1:40 pm. Sen. Martinez discusses the alternate republican stimulus plan. This plan focuses on tax cuts instead of direct spending. Sen. Martinez says he has no problem spending more money on the stimulus plan (the republican plan...


Coverage of Decision '08 about debate between Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton begins at 7 min, 35 sec. MSNBC asks if the debate actually helped the Republican candidate John McCain when going up against one of them as it gave him ammunition. Segm...


Segment starting 10 min 58 sec. Sen. Martinez discusses with MSNBC Correspondent Monica Novotny Sen. McCain's comments in response to Obama's stance on the embargo on Cuba during 2008 campaign. Segment ends at 15 min, 22 sec.

CNN - Situation Room

On "The Situation Room" with Wolf Blitzer, Sen. Martinez discusses the problems within the republican party including the possible resignation of Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General, dissatisfaction of republican party members with the ...

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