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CNN en Español Interview

This interview only includes Martinez's responses, not the interviewers questions. The former Senator Mel Martinez discusses his efforts to increase home ownership, particularly more so for the Hispanic population. He helped to make June, hom...

Floor Statement

Senator Martinez's on the housing crisis's impact on the economic situation in the state of Florida and the possible solutions (i.e. FHA modernization, regulatory reform, more liquidity) for the crisis.

Floor Statement

Sen. Martinez cautions against the loosening of the terms of the economic embargo on Cuba as he says the recent changes made by the Cuban government were done just for show and that the Cuban government has openly fraternized with governments with...

Floor Speech

Sen. Martinez states his issues with the proposed stimulus plan and states that it should have including things such as military reset, the nation's infrastructure, tax cut geared to job creation, house buying credit for all homebuyers, not j...

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