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MSNBC off air

MSNBC discusses the democratic and republican primaries on Super Tuesday including a discussion with Charlie Cook, Editor of the Cook Political Report. Sen. Martinez, as a McCain supporter, discusses Sen. McCain's chances as taking the republ...

Nursing Home

Part 1: In a meeting of the Joint Judiciary Subcommittee and Aging Committee, Sen. Martinez discusses the pending legislation that would allow nursing homes to require their patients to waive their right to a juried trial as a requirement of admis...


Ninoska Perez-Castellon from WAQI 710 AM radio show introduces Sen. Martinez to the audience at Coral Gables Congregational Church. Sen. Martinez discusses his book, "A Sense of Belonging" about his life in Cuba and his transition to lif...

NBC Meet The Press Debates: Coburn vs. Larson 10/03/04, Thune vs. Daschle 9/18/04, Allard vs. Strickland 2002, Grahm vs. Saunders

pt 1: Sec 1: NBC Meet the Press interview Coburn and Larson about their bid for Oklahoma senator, speaking mostly about the Coburn's history of not including certain procedures performed on medicare forms. Sec 2: Tim Russet discusses with Sen...

Senate Floor Statement

Senator Martinez introduces the Gas Price Reduction Act. The legislation will include more caps for the commodity's future trading commission, ensure greater transparency in the trading environment, and commission a study regarding spectators...

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