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Audio materials

Series 5 contains the audio material (reels, tapes and LPs) related to the broadcasting of H. Portell Vilá during his work for Radio Free Americas programs.

Napoleon Vilaboa

This series contains news clippings and copies of articles about Napoleon Vilaboa, a Cuban spy embedded in Miami's exile community who orchestrated the Mariel boatlift.

United States Government

This series contains news clippings and copies of original documents that detail the United States government's response to the Mariel exodus.

Mike Howell

This series contains articles relating to Mike Howell, an American fisherman from New Orleans, Louisiana, who covertly took Cuban and Haitian exiles to their respective islands to bring family back to the United States.

Bernardo Benes

This series contains articles and personal papers relating to Bernardo Benes, a prominent figure in Miami's Cuban exile community who spearheaded a dialogue with Fidel Castro that led to the release of political prisoners on the island.

Personal Files

The series includes her correspondence, working papers, manuscripts, published, and unpublished works. This series also contains correspondence, research notes, and works by Dolores and her husband, José Cid Pérez, such as the unpublished book ent...

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