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Rene Depestre: an essay

An analysis of the responsibility that the intellectual has to contribute to the reformation of the Third World. Relates this concept to the Cuban revolution in particular. Criticizes economic imperialism and the subjugation of the Third WOrld by ...

D.: Account Balance and Meeting of Annuitants

2 page document. The first page of this document includes an account balance. On the back of the document, there is a small paragraph written by James Newman, who has requested that George Hooper attend a meeting of annuitants. This is in relation...

Viva Puerto Rico Libre

Political Tract: Tremont, Ma: New England Free Press, 1969. First Edition Thus. Quarto. Stapled Pictorial paper wrappers; "This work which was originally prepared by the Puerto Rican Youth Movement in 1965 was revised in some of its parts in ...

Friends for Jamaica

Friends for Jamaica newsletter. Nos 11-15 (August December 1981). New York, the newsletter, 1980s. Five issues of the mimeographed newsletter, 8.5x11 inches, adress labels and stamps on back cover.

Jamaica - Mortgage of Wilderness Plantation. William Johnson and William Hylton to T. Hibert and Others

#4514. Mortgage of the Delve or Wilderness Plantation, Jamaica from William Johnson and William Hylton to Thomas Hibbert, Edward Juhr, and George Hibbert. Parsih Westmoreland. 5 membranes of vellum, joined at foot with 5 seals. Includes list of sl...

Barbados D.: Bill of the Brigantine "Reynard"

Includes transcript, 1 page document. Also includes a copy of the transcript. African Slave Trade. Hand-written Portledge Bill of Brigantine "Reynard", Peter Dordin (slave captain) Master from Africa. Date-lined: Barbados: July 26, 1763 ...

E.T. Bunn, ALS to George Hooper

Includes transcript, 2 page document. In this letter, Mr. Bunn thanks Mr. Hooper for a notice in regards to his daughters. He also mentions that Mr. Newman is in correspondence with the Shands in hopes of obtaining a remittance.

London.: E.T. Bunn, ALS to Mr. Hooper

Includes transcript, 3 page document. In this letter, Mr. Bunn advises Mr. Hooper to make his position clear on the compensation he intends to receive from his West Indian affair, and warns him that his security won't avail to anything if he ...

Box 3: The Invisible Billionaire typescript

Unedited version of chapters thirteen through sixteen of the Invisible Billionaire by Jerry Shields, a biography of David Ludwig, a capitalist financiar who worked with the merchant marines and was one the richest man in the United States.

A Victory of Revolutionary Tendency

"...the recent Foreign Relations Ministers Conference of Non-Aligned Nations, held in Georgetown, Guyana. Reflecting the will of almost one half of the countries in the world--with a total population of more than a billion people--...concentr...

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