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Waverly Decadence

Issue 11. "Mostly consists of a detailed report on the Transylvanian Convention, some reminisces of seeing Rocky Horror Picture Show different times, and an almost full page review of Meatloaf's All Revved Up." -- Description from K...


Subjects are comics, environmentalism and political.


"Screenshots of Internet network drop-down windows, accompanied by the geographical coordinates of where the screenshot was taken" -- Descriptions from &amp Press. Subject is internet.


Issue 3. Subtitled, "A Journal of American Culture." Subjects are political, literary and art.

The Crusader

Six issues of the periodical from the gay friendly Metropolitan Community Church of Tampa. Subjects are lesbian/gay/bi/transgender, religion and Florida.

Strong Hearts

Issue 4. Subjects are political, environmentalism and Caribbean & Latin American.

Canto Libre

Volume 1, No. 2. Subtitled, "Bilingual Magazine Devoted to Latin American Protest Music." Specifically, the issue is about protest music in Puerto Rico. Subjects are music, Caribbean & Latin American and protest.

Endless Canvas

Issue 1. Subjects are graffiti, street art and South Florida. The zine includes an interview with Miami graffiti artist Ras Terms.


Vol. 1, No. 11. Music zine devoted to folk, country, blues, rock, pop, jazz and comedy.

Punk's Not Dead

"Fantastic one-off (?) publication written by Gary Bushell. Includes the all time top 100 punk singles, articles on Killing Joke, Anti-Pasti, Chron-Gen, Angelic Upstarts, and more as well as great photos of Toyah, The Pistols, Theatre of Hate...

The Rocket

Issue 247 and the 1998 Studio Supplement issue. Subject is music.

Primeval Salamander

Issue 11. Subjects are sex/sexuality, political and anti-corporate. "Pro-sex anti-corporate zine, with a piece on the "X-Plicit Players" (naked performance group from Berkeley) and a piece by "Lush Rimjob" mocking Andrea D...


Subtitled, "EZ Reading for the Urban Rebel." Subjects are anarchism, political and direct action.

Kooks Magazine

Issues 3-4, 8. "Orton Nenslo of the Church of the Subgenius was married to Kossy and is involved here. Conspiracy stuff and crank science, largely tongue-in-cheek." -- Bolerium Books, bookseller. Subjects are conspiracy theories, pseudos...


Issues 35-39, 58, 60. "British zine focusing critically on UFOlogy as well as other conspiracy theories." -- Bolerium Books, bookseller. Subjects are UFOs and conspiracy theories.

Promises & Disappointments

Issue 3/4. "British zine, bland all-text format, crusading against popular UFO myths, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Prophecies of Fatima, etc. But oh boy, does he closely follow all the UFO and abduction literature." -- Bolerium B...

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