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No. 1 - A brief description about the zine collection located in University of Miami's Special Collections. No. 2 - A World of Zines - Description of the zines from each continent selected from Special Collections for display at Miami Zine Fa...

Black Market

Premier issue, zine about black rights, black culture. Published in Atlanta by Alan S. Hill, 20 p., 5.5 x 8.5 inches.

True Metal

Music magazine from Chile on heavy metal. Album and concert reviews. Issue No. 2 (1986) Articles on Volcano, Exodus, Slayer, Massacre, Tyrant, Warrant, Wehrmacht, Sodom etc.. 36 pages, 6.5 x 8.5 inches. Language: Spanish

Jet Lag Magazine

Semi-professionally produced magazine from St. Louis/MO on pop culture, alternative, music, books. Issue 56 (August 1985) Articles on Katrina and the Waves, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, The President, On the Run, Japanese Bandstand, Nails, Hüs...

The Affiliate

Semi-professionally produced magazine from Canada.Staplebound zine on music, politics, essays on global topics and humanist beliefs. Advertising for SXSW II. Issues 7 (January 1988), 8 (February 1988) 19 (January 1989) 8.5x11 inches

De nieuwe Vögelspin

Magazine from Amsterdam/Netherlands on underground culture, alternative, punk music. Editors: Tony, Ian & Guy. Cartoons, music reviews and band interviews. In this issue: Exodus, Hüsker Dü, Lärm, Frightwig, Teste Macre, Henry Rollins, D.O.A. e...

Flesh and Bones

Music magazine from Middlesex/NJ. Album and concert reviews, band interviews, comics, pop-culture, subculture, weird humor. Issue No. (unknown). Articles on bands Dinosaur, DC3, Raging Slab, Redd Cross, Necros, The Honeymoon Killers. 52 pages, 8.5...

public - Hildesheim zum Einstecken

Pocket-size monthly magazine from Hildesheim/Germany about music (concert & album reviews), movies, theater, culture, city guide Hildesheim, event calendar. Student life. Issue 6 (June 1987) Cover: Iggy Pop. Students on strike against budget c...

Sct. Peters Engle

Magazine from Höjbjerg/Denmark. Editors: Marie Molin, Svenne Jepsen. Music, album and concert reviews, band interviews, prose, social issues. Issue No. 3 on band Kafka Prosess, Chumbawamba, The Rest of the Boys. Inteview with markers on Dutch zine...


Music zine from Belgium on alternative/indie punk, hardcore, thrash. Band interviews, album reviews, concert reviews, music scene reports Poland, Florida. Issue 1: On bands Capital Scum, Upset Noise, Half Off, Keezicks, Repulsives, heresy, Sherwoo...

Dyke Manifesto

Poster zine by activist group  'The Lesbian Avengers'. Gay, LGBT activism. "It's time to get out of the beds, out of the bars, and into the streets. It's time to seize the power of dyke love, dyke vision, dyke anger, dyke ...

Butt Rag

Music zine from Chicago on alternative/indie punk, hardcore, thrash, with ironic self-deprecating writing by the makers. Editor: Peter Magrasak. Band interviews, album reviews (including a section on Jazz), concert reviews, essays. Issue 1#2: On b...

The Eleven thirty-four

Fanzine from Stillwater/OK on the punk band NTSK. Album reviews, concert reports and photos. Issue 2 (Mar./Apr. 1986): Cover drawing mimics Iwo Jima Memorial. 8 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches

end times

Zine from Boulder/CO on punk rock and hardcore music. Essays, interviews, concert reviews. Issue 9: Interview with Allen Ginsberg, the band Angst. 20 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches

Factsheet Five

Issue 24. Zine about zines, from Rensselaer/AZ, Editor: Mike Gunderloy. Subjects are zines, reference, and review, plus reviews on vinyl albums and books, comic art. 70 pages, 8 x 11 inches

One Solution

Music zine from Toronto/Canada on heavy, thrash, hardcore, punk, crossover metal, band interviews, album reviews, concert reviews, zine recommendations. Editor: Morgan Gerard. Issue 6: On bands DOA, Sacrifice, 7 Seconds, S.N.F.U., Necros, Corrosio...

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