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History Projects

This series consists of records collected or created as a result of efforts to disseminate the company history to the public, or used in Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) cases.

Technical Operations

This series consists of records pertaining to airline technology, safety, service, security and training. It is broken into common airline operation divisions. See also “Photographs, Technical Operations”.


This series consists of records pertaining to aviation accidents, such as plane crashes, water landings (also known as ditchings), hijackings and other calamitous events. Of note, this series contains records pertaining to the Lockerbie flight 103...

Legislation and Regulation

The bulk of the records in this series pertain to the company’s activities with the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB), and cover the following topics: airmail, fares and rates, mergers, the proposed consolidation of international air carriers, air rou...

Labor Relations

Also known as “Industrial Relations”, this series consists of records pertaining to labor negotiations, the 1958 mutual aid agreement, employee and executive salaries and compensation, and strikes.


This series consists of photographs, negatives and slides in a variety of sizes and formats. They are arranged by theme. Thematic arrangement of this this series mirrors the thematic arrangement of the rest of the collection with the following exc...

Divisions and Affiliates

This series consists of records created and accumulated as a result of the daily activities of the company’s divisions, affiliates, and subsidiaries, and includes operational, promotional, legal, financial, labor relations and personnel files, and...

Public Relations and Marketing

This series consists of records created and accumulated by the public relations and marketing departments. See also “Printed Material, Brochures and Booklets” and “Photographs, Public Relations and Marketing”.


This series consists of records pertaining to: personnel policies and procedures, the role and history of flight attendants (formerly stewards and stewardesses), information about individual employees, and the aware group. For seniority lists and ...

Aviation History Web Collection

The collection archives the websites of the Pan Am Historical Foundation, World Wings International and the Clipper Pioneers. These organizations were founded by former employees of Pan American World Airways, Inc. (1927-1991) to preserve the hist...

Flight and Route Information

This series consists of promotional and operational records pertaining to significant flights, and internal schedule information. for more records pertaining to this series, see "Corporate and General, Inspection Trips", "Legislatio...

Military Cooperation

This series consists of records pertaining to the company’s involvement with the United States armed forces, including its service during World War II (WWII, WW2). See also “Divisions and Affiliates, China National Aviation Corporation (CNAC)” and...